VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP

VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP

VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP: Welcome Friends, Today we are going to talk about the keyboard shortcuts of VLC Media Player. Basically VLC Media Player is top trending now this is the most powerful player which allows many types of files to play where other players not working. It Supports all formats of videos and audios. It has various type of features which makes VLC Media player like (A Complete Package of Media Player)

VLC has many types of features with the easy user interface, But VLC Keyboard shortcuts make you do what you want to do in just one click. You can use those shortcuts while playing songs and watching videos.  Basically VLC Media Player is Free Now. Get it Now by downloading the free version of VLC

Here is the VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP

1.  Full-Screen Mode

VLC Media Player Shortcut in window 7/8/XP

When you watching videos if you want to make your video screen as like cinema hall screen, I mean Full-Screen Mode. You can do it by Pressing “BUTTON-F” and again “BUTTON-F” to release back your screen from Full to your default screen mode…

2.  Show Remaining Time Remaining

Today we have learned VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP

When you watching any video, The Remaining time will display just in your screen corner by Pressing “BUTTON-T”.

3.  Manage Aspect Ratio

VLC Media Player Shortcut in window 7/8/XP

The Height and Weight of your Video Screen are the Aspect Ration in VLC. You have to manage your Aspect ratio by going through “BUTTON-A”

4.  To Make your Video Faster & Slower

If you want to make your video slower or faster you can adjust your video playing motion by Pressing “BUTTON (+) or (–). Multiple time of pressing makes slower or faster but it depends on your button.

5.  To Pause

Pause and Play works in VLC by simple pressing of Space button. It is slightly easy to use. If you watching something suddenly you want to make chill, you can do you video scene pause by pressing “BUTTON-Space”. Again pressing “BUTTON-Space” makes your video play like before.

6.  To Hide/Unhide Your Menu

Wanna hide your Menus; you can do it by pressing Ctrl + H, so easy. This helps you to hide your menus while watching videos. Again pressing Ctrl + H Button makes your menu visible

7.  To Stop

Just Think, suppose you play a video and you want to stop this one and don’t wanna close VLC as well. You can stop any song by pressing “BUTTON-S”. Now what happened – Your Playback has been stopped

8.  To  Mute

By Pressing “BUTTON-M” makes your videos or audios muted. If you want to do some work or wanna pick any call or others. You can mute your videos by pressing “BUTTON-M” while playing videos. It makes your video nonaudioable but your scene still playing the same button M also make you revert you to unmute.

9.  Open Video Menu

If you want to manage your videos screen you can get by Pressing ALT + V. This helps you to manage many things like (Screen Sizes, Subtitles, Zoon In-Zoom Out)

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10.  To Audio/Video Adjustment

It gives you to the platform where you can adjust your audio and videos settings, By Pressing CTRL + E when you’re playing any playback.

11.  Open Help Menu

While watching videos if you get any help or got any error while watching. You can get help by Pressing ALT + H Button for Help Menu.

12.  Open Media Menu

VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP

Wanna see your media Menu file by Pressing ALT + M. Open any video or audios to play it, Save, and lots of functions you can get.

Quick Notes:

VLC Supports online and offline with all videos or audios format. Today I have discussed the best keyboard shortcuts for VLC Media player which helps you to make it easy while watching or listening. Please let me know if you get any error while practicing these methods.

Today we have learned VLC Media Player Shortcuts in Windows 7/8/XP

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