Introduction of Antivirus and Virus | Why Antivirus Important in Computer?

Introduction of Antivirus and Virus | Why Antivirus Important in Computer?

Introduction of Antivirus and Virus | Why Antivirus Important in Computer? : Welcome Friends, Have you heard about Antivirus or Virus (Malware)? If you want to know? At here we are going to talk about actually what is the antivirus and their benefits and About Virus? How Antivirus protect us from Virus? Also, keep some little introduction of antivirus.

Have you seen any System Programs error that showing your Programs has Stopped Working or Pop-up dialog box continually showing or any other errors?
If yes then in the simple word that means You have been trapped by virus trap. Right?

Importance of Antivirus?

We all know today internet becomes so spreading fast. But more spreading does not mean that internet is very safe? Isn’t It. Right. There are so many types of website are available which has so much malware and many suspicious programs which is neither said nor insecure to us. Antivirus is the safe wall which protecting us from different types of malware and other suspicious viruses.

Today, many people use mobile and computer, and we all keep personal data such as video audio photos etc. & whenever we need it, we can use them very easily. But we never think that if our data is stolen or spoiled without our consent, or if it is done, then we what will rarely happen to you that the data of your computer has been damaged and you do not even know the reason for it. There are several reasons for spread virus into the computer. Just by Infected disks, infected CDs or infected USB drives, etc. are the major reason for spreading viruses.

Now Today Internet has been getting used too much more than before. This is the reason why there is a chance to get more dangerous virus coming to the computer than before. Different viruses have different programs and they spreading his net by Free Soft wares, Redirect spamming blogs, Via E-mails, Many Pop-ups adds and many more way they are spreading and affect users. We don’t know how is looking what those files going to do? right?


What is Malware?

It is a kind of program which is used to steal information and other files from the computer. In my simple word (Stay out from it). It means this could be very dangerous for your system. Now the next question comes in your mind that how and to what extent this can damage us.
This is designed to steal or hack your data Like (System Files, Personal Information’s, Bank IDs, Passwords etc.) from the user computer. Yeah, you can say another like as VIRUS.


Different Types of Malware?

You need to get a Secure Antivirus to resolve your all issues before attacking. We talk about other free or paid antivirus below but at first, we need to know types of viruses and other malware?

1. Viruses –VIRUS is (Vital Information Resources Under Siege) Virus computers are small programs. Which is an auto-execute program that affects your data or speed or others which distract other programs even working input to the computer by you Called viruses. There are many types of virus are spreading time to time and increasing their capacity of stolen data and influenced other programs. Many types of the virus having the different type of Handling ability. These are very hard to detect.

2. Spyware – It is the kind of virus where the infected programs install automatically without your intention & giving any prior consent to the user and steal your system files and even your personal information. I highly recommend you to keep your antivirus update regularly so that can help you to stay away from it.

3. Trojans – It is one of the most dangerous programs which something else that looks like & and when it is installed, something else in the program. It is very tricky to find what’s exactly in the programs, you need to track is it right programs or fake. Many of the programs which distract users by giving some fake but attractive programs with having suspicious items or programs, and when the user clicked into that and installed on his computer. There are different things in your installed programs

4. Spyware – These type of program are basically gets installed into your computer and start collecting personal and other information from the computer and then sends the software to the builder. These could be very dangerous for you. I highly recommend you to don’t run this type of programs.

5. Worms – Worms are the free spreading virus which does not require any permission of the user to spread his trap in other networks. Worms spread his trap by making the copy and easily spreading his trap through E-mails, Web pages etc. It means that If your computer infected with worm than multiple copies will produce by one single file. Another main thing is that Worm interrupts other programs to run and delete system files.

6. Keyloggers – The Keyloggers is used to steal personal information, Keyloggers that can steal all your computer’s information such as password, credit/debit card details, documents, IDs. Keyloggers record you activity what you are doing in your system like Document, Internet Search, Passwords, and other useful information.

7. Adware – Basically Adware displays banners advertisements in the programs. The adware helps to reduce in this advertisement are displayed in the user interface via pop-up message window.This type of programs always showing or popup many types of advertisements while working. It is not very much dangerous.

8. Rootkit – Basically Rootkit effected, does not mean that your system has been hacked. Yeah, you right basically It is being installed by users. It is the program which is designed by the creator to get system access to your computer. When you allow them they can easily access you administration access.


What is Antivirus?

Antivirus is a program which creates a wall to protect our“offline and online” information & system files from the virus, or suspicious programs and worms. It easily detects the harmful programs and files that having malicious items. Well, I in the market you can get many types of antivirus software that protects your computer files. Many types of Antivirus has the free version available but that software has some basic limitations and less secureness but in the Paid version, you can get more extra security.


Types of Antivirus?

There are many types of antivirus which are providing you limited features in the free version and some provide you professional and high-security features. So here I am giving you the best free antivirus and their download link.

1. AVG Free AntivirusGet it now

2. Avast Free AntivirusGet it now

3. Avira Free AntivirusGet it now

4. Kaspersky Free AntivirusGet it now

5. McAfee AntivirusGet it now

6. Norton AntivirusGet it now

After installing of antivirus program the next thing is to update them regularly. Because every day new viruses are released, and they can go undetected, So if you have not done you antivirus update you can’t detect the latest version of viruses. I highly recommend you to always do update your antivirus.


Major Difference Between Free or Paid Version of Antivirus?

Yeah, Really It’s Obvious this question comes to your mind that differences between Free or Paid version of antivirus? Right
The main difference between the free and paid version of antivirus is, There are very limited features are available in free version of antivirus program & More relevant features in Paid version which provide you to get more high security.

As I have used many of free and paid antiviruses and now I got another main difference is TECHNICAL SUPPORT by your provider. Right? This could be the major term for the free or paid version of antivirus. Just think nobody helps you and you know what you will be like A Bat without Ball, Haaaaaa Haaaaaa


How Antivirus Software Works?

Understanding how anti-virus software works are not as complicated as it sounds. Antivirus scans all the files on our computer and each one antivirus uses different methods while scanning. So that they know the difference between our file and virus and they recognize the virus coming into our computer and prevent them from coming into the computer.

But the way to scan the virus or the virus is different because the virus is different, different methods are used to detect them. Would have you seen that sometimes windows showing messages like (Trojan-Files is Repaired or Stop Working) after that your windows running capacity might be slow and sometimes your windows file has been corrupted. Right Isn’t It. All these happen just because of viruses. So antivirus detects this types of error and either they fix them or delete if they are very suspicious.
Antivirus has the list of all virus or suspicious files which is update every day but you need to update your antivirus regularly to get more secure.

We don’t go for long and long details about how antivirus works. We will make a separate article for that.


Why Antivirus Important for Us?

Actually the need antivirus software because in today’s world any PC, which does not have the effective antivirus software installed, can be injected in the few minutes after connecting the internet. But some users think that their PCs are not connected to the Internet, so they do not even need antivirus. But, without the antivirus, when users insert infected USB drives or DVDs into their PC, their PCs are immediately infected with viruses. Today computers, as well as other devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, are constantly bombarded by viruses, which damage the device or steal sensitive data that can be used for other criminal activities.

We have just discussed that the complete introduction of Antivirus, Types of Antivirus and their Differences. Another thing is we have talked about Introduction of virus in simple word malware.
Guys I Highly recommend at last that keep do update your antivirus regularly. Always remember that anything happens without your attention or consent without antivirus.
There are many of viruses generated every day and spread their net very fast. They are spreading million and billion time faster and affecting users. The basic purpose is to get personal information such as (ID, Passwords, PINs, Bank Account Details, Photographs etc.).

Thanks for reading this article. I Hope you liked that. Share with others Maybe it would be beneficial for someone.

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