10 Steps to Stop Mozilla Firefox Update and Install Older Version of Firefox

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10 Steps to Stop Mozilla Firefox Update and Install Older Version of Firefox- Many of people facing lots of complications about the  Software Updates of Mozilla Firefox. They automatically update his software to make safety walls against to protect us from malware and update his programming features to be safe. “10 Steps to Stop Mozilla Firefox Update and Install Older Version of Firefox” Now the question is – Any issues user is facing about the automatic firefox updates of the browser.

Yeah! It has lots of issues Users are facing & one of the major issues is that suppose you are a daily user of Mozilla Firefox and you have saved many URL Address out there of many websites as your daily basis. After releasing an update of Mozilla you might be lose your all saved data while using Mozilla.

There are many types of security issues Mozilla is facing and for that reason Mozilla release updates time to time to face any type security issues. Mozilla has challenges to secure users data to protect from day to day releasing of malicious programs which are targeting browsers. Mozilla releasing his update with new security features which is not existed in the previous version to fight. When the user using Mozilla Firefox browser there are many chances to update automatically as default.

You need to fix this issue? Right?

Step by Step Guide to address this Situation!

We are giving you to more helpful information about to address this type of situation.

Step 1 

At first Go to Start Menu > Control Panel > Uninstall (Under Category) > Uninstall a Program > Select Mozilla Firefox > Uninstall

Step 2 

Go to My Computer > C Drive > Program Files (x86) > Delete All Mozilla Firefox Installed Folder Out There

Step 3

Restart your Computer

Step 4 

After Restarting > Press Windows + R > Type the text in bracket (c:\windows\SYSTEM32\cleanmgr.exe /dDrive) Select Drive and then Complete the Disk Cleanup Wizard. That’s it.

Now let’s move to our next method is that to get older firefox update version

Step 5 

Go to the Mozilla FTP Server – Link is given below


Step 6 

After that select the version what you need to roll back to your prev. version

Step 7 

Select the operating system-Choose “Win32” folder > en-US folder

Step 8 

Select the “Firefox Setup.exe” > Now your Firefox setup will download automatically.
Note: You might be found 2 different types of Firefox files over there, Make sure you choose (Program.exe), Don’t download the file ends from .asc.
Now you will get your earlier version of Mozilla Firefox.

Step 9 

Open the .exe installer file. Follow the onscreen dialog box guide to installation wizard to successfully install an earlier version of Firefox. After the successful installation of your previous version of Mozilla Firefox, Highly recommend you to turn off the automatic Software Update to ignore for next updating.
Now, After successful installation of browser follows next steps given.

Step 10 

Go to your Mozilla Firefox Browser > Menu > Go to “Option”
You will see the General Settings > Select Advanced Tab downside
Go to Firefox update section > Select “Never check for updates”
Now you have successfully removed the updates of Mozilla Firefox and get the previous version of Mozilla Firefox without any software updates.


We have just discussed 10 Steps to Stop Mozilla Firefox Update and Install Older Version of Firefox On this subject many users are asking the bunch of questions in community portal about updates of Mozilla Firefox. Today Internet is not very secure place then for be safe everybody needs to secure his data from malicious programs or viruses. That’s the reason behind this always Mozilla release update to fight against infected malware, and protect user data from hackers.

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